Volitions 1, 2 & 3: saboteur, recusant, aberration, 2008
wood, fabric, poly-fil, balloons, thread, acrylic case
6 x 28 x 7 ea.

volitions 1: saboteur
a person who sabotages something

volitions 2: recusant
a person who refuses to submit to an authority or to comply with a regulation

volitions 3: aberration
a person whose beliefs or behaviors are unusual or unacceptable; a departure from what is normal, typically unwelcome

Volitions 1, 2 & 3 are a continuation of my installation-based projects using balloons and thread. They have been removed from a larger context and isolated as individual objects for presentation and analysis. The work stems from an interest in notions of idealized feminine identity, gender politics, and psychoanalysis. Through this study, words became a predominant factor for their aesthetic and object-like qualities and for an interest in how they are used to classify, qualify and quantify. In Volitions 1, 2 & 3 words are used to speak to a hidden actress and the systematic rational destruction of her idealized image.

The play with pink balloons came from a childlike fascination with the material as well as an interest in their iconic, familiar and comforting qualities. When full, they are smooth, silky, shimmery and radiant like youthful skin. Once deflated, the balloon is wrinkled, depleted of life, presence, breath and air. Witnessing and having caused this transformation I began to focus on the idea of their passing, with both willful intent and by their very own nature, from an ideal object full of use to a non-object devoid of purpose. Their impermanence, fragility and continuous state of change became an exploration of aging and intimacy and the act of natural and/or willful transformation.

In their current presentation, placed under plastic as specimens or relics, these objects resist object-hood in their potential for further transformation. The pink latex has a memory and seeks to return to its original state. It is a tenuous and resilient material responding to air, pressure, and temperature. Each of these pieces is caught in a state of change and vulnerable to destruction.

* This piece was included in the exhibition “True Nature” at Beppu Wiarda Gallery in Portland, OR, August 2008. Curated by Victor Maldonado