Locate, 2014
three channel video installation
camera, sound - Seth Nehil
dancers - Leah Wilmoth, Kelly Rauer

Locate was commissioned by Disjecta Contemporary Art Center for the PORTLAND2014 Biennial of Contemporary Art curated by Amanda Hunt. In Locate, a disorienting array of movement amid deep black is presented across three synchronized video channels. The camera moves and dances with the performers while patterns and stark colors vibrate against the eyes. Illuminating bodies slowly and quickly undulate in and out of obscurity.

REVIEW - Sarah Sentilles, Oregon Arts Watch, April 2014

Thank You
Seth Nehil, Leah Wilmoth, Amanda Hunt, Kate Beaver, Disjecta, Erin Mallea, Jonathan Swanson, Ryan Burghard, Karl Lind, Jesse Mejia, Theodore Holdt, Hillary Murphy, John Mace, Samantha Wall, Patrick Harvey, Really Big Video, CORPUS, Linda K. Johnson, Claire Barerra, Jen Hackworth, Jamuna Carini, Jessica Hightower, Linda Austin and Jeff Forbes, Performance Works NW, the numerous and talented folks in the Portland Dance community - you continue to inspire me and move me forward, and never to forget my guides - my dear mom Suzanne Rauer, grandmother Dawn Gwaltney and the indelible Rhoda London.

Locate was funded in part by Disjecta Contemporary Art Center and by generous donations to fund a Technology Share Program that I started to meet the technological needs of this exhibition as well as the needs of my local community of working artists.

Technology Share Program Contributors
Linda Hutchins, Jeremy Tischleder, Courtney Frisse, Tere Mathern – Conduit Dance, MK Guth, Sara Mapelli, Curtis Knapp, Alex Hirsch, Jenna Howard, Karl Lind – Karl Lind Films, Noel Plemmons – POV Dance, Linda Austin & Jeff Forbes – Performance Works NW, Vanessa Renwick, Fernanda D'Agostino, Kerry Nehil, Suzanne Rauer, Claire Barrera, Noelle Stiles, David Mosher, Sam Pardue, Gavin Shettler, Charles boardman, Linda Kliewer, Jesse Mejia, Brian A Deebel, Lucy Yim, Danielle Ross, Jen Hackworth, Kristina Damschen, Stephen Hayes & Linda K. Johnson, Jacob Mitas, Allyson Ross, Daniel J Glendening, Matt Marble, Kathleen Wilmoth, Christian Seppa, Carrie Sturrock, Rebecca Harrison, Dustin Zemel, Mack McFarland, Rebecca L Shapiro, Ben C Kates, Tracia L Weitzman, Tracy Broyles, Julie Perini, Jessica Risdon, Michael McManus, JoAnn Gilles, Tahni Holt, Scott Goodwin, Zachary Davis, Edward G Sharp, Chelsea Petrakis, Meredith Speer, Janet M Madill, Sean Healy, Diane Jacobs, Gabriel Liston, Alyssa Wilmoth, Lorenzo Triburgo, Allison Hankins, Andrea Andert, Takahiro Yamamoto.