a survey 2009-2010

Sex and gender are inseparable in governmental and mainstream consciousness, yet I find a disconnect between the way people feel and the way they are expected to be. This two-part survey asks you to explore your beliefs about innate sex-specific characteris- tics and allows space to reflect upon how you have been effected/ formed by gender stereotypes.

My inquiry is fueled by a fascination with the nature/nurture debate as it relates to the formation of behavior and identity. I am also interested in the effects of gender normalization and stereotypes and would like to learn more about what people are thinking and feeling about these topics.

I hold the perspective that the persistence of stereotypes greatly limit human potential by straining psychological development and compromising interpersonal relationships, thereby lessening capacities for growth, understanding and acceptance.

My intention is to survey a large number of people encompassing a wide demographic range. I will use this information as a basis for response and analysis in the form of visual art projects.

If you choose to participate, I ask for sincerity and thoughtful- ness. Your participation is greatly appreciated and will remain anonymous. I am thankful for your time and thoughtful consideration.

Email me if you would like to receive a printed survey.

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