Gender System Series: Study #1, Sessions 1- 24
Installation with video

In studying behavioral psychology and the history of gender and sex I became very fascinated with the modes and motivations behind gender categorization and stereotyping. I found two descriptive characteristics to be, more so than any others, doubly provocative in their meanings when applied to both men and women. “Aggressive” and “emotional” were the two characteristics that I found to be the most expected and accepted of men and women respectively, but then simultaneously the most derogatory, less accepted and difficult to own when applied to the other gender.

I feel that the binary male/female gender categories and their corresponding behavioral characteristics identified as “normal” are detrimental to our true human potential and create limiting and oppressive systems for judgment and control. Gender System Series: Study #1 is my response to the female social expectation of non-aggressive behavior. It feels that in order for us to deal, process or express our aggression it must be pacified.