fill me up, 2007
29ft long, 15ft high, 8ft wide
300 balloons, thread, pin nails, gouache painted shadows, text

fill me up began with a childlike fascination and curiosity. Many quiet drawings of a lone balloon followed, with many other variations. The balloons were always pink, sometimes floating, other times appearing to be held in mid air or by an unseen source. fill me up was the result of many processes, words, writings, readings and transformations. As I worked with the balloons and their texture and form transformed so did the ideas and concepts behind the work.

What began as a childish exploration moved through the full stages of life into death and what remains is the memory of what was, and a remnant of an old life left hanging to be examined and reflected upon.

* This piece was part of the exhibition “Construct/ Re-Construct” at Cathedral Park Place in Portland, OR, October 2007. Curated by Rhoda London