I am a visual artist who maintains simultaneous practices in video, photography and movement. I've been viewing the world through a camera and experimenting with movement and dance since I was six. My deep joy and appreciation for these perspectives grew and evolved into pathways of art making. I merge video and movement studies to form large-scale, multi-channel video installations where the body (primarily my own) serves as the main subject, object and device. Intimacy and proximity are guiding principles that shape the way I approach, frame, deconstruct and reconstruct an experience of the body. These video installations are highly planned and choreographed experiences, typically designed to immerse the viewer in uncommon perspectives of the body and its movement not possible in a live performance context or our day-to-day social interactions.

I remain endlessly fascinated by the various ways perception and recollection of the body is affected when I obscure the ability to locate or identify its parts, its center of gravity, direction of movement, or source of momentum. I am interested in the mechanics of the body and the fine line between voluntary and involuntary movement - control and lack of control. I investigate feelings of vulnerability through embodied dysfunction, abnormality and fragility and I aim to disrupt the common sense of physical, corporeal organization. In all my work, I buck socially defined feminine beauty, and work to make real and reclaim the representation of the female body from its status as a mass-produced object of scrutiny/desire/commodity. The body, and all its various qualities are fodder for my exploration including mass, weight, texture, flesh, imperfections, habits, functions and malfunctions.