JUNE 2016 - Risk/Reward Festival of New Performance
Review - Risk/Reward 2016: Creative tensions, Brett Campbell, Oregon Arts Watch, June 2016

JULY 2015 - single channel video for PURE SURFACE 1 year Anniversary

OCTOBER 2015 - Residency at MoKS, Mooste, Estonia. SNKR filmed in a semi-abandoned Soviet-era grain mill. Footage from our exploration was used in performance and to create a single channel video for the exhibition Omega3, presented in the same grain mill.

FEBRUARY 2015 - Where is all began. IN THE SPIRIT OF JEAN DUPUY'S 1974 SOUP & TART: Pistou soup, bread and apple tarts served to 100 guests followed by 40 Portland artists, writers and musicians each performing two-minute pieces for what Dupuy called the "performance menu." Zena Zezza, Portland OR

SNKR is the duo of sound/video artist Seth Nehil with video/movement artist Kelly Rauer. SNKR makes videos, performances, installations and hybrid combinations thereof. In performance, they bring together video, sound and movement; Dance is a form of sound-making, and making sound is a way of interacting with places. We sent impulses into schoolyards and rail yards, we created feedback inside Portland’s oldest building, and we explored angles inside a semi-abandoned Soviet-era grain mill in Southern Estonia. In performance, we layer action on action and sound on sound. Kelly is swinging and coiling microphone cables, dragging and rubbing the mics, exploring the simple sounds of paper, wood and metal. She reflects and contrasts with her former self, which is multiplied on the large screen at the back of the stage. SNKR finds an intersection of movement as sound-making and sound-making as movement.

"The most substantial creation on this year’s Risk/Reward festival, this duo performance by composer Seth Nehil and video artist Kelly Rauer (both familiar figures on Portland’sp avant art scene) was also the most elaborate and fully realized. An interaction between installation, live manipulated sound, video and some movement, SNKR really has to be experienced live to be fully appreciated.

Rauer expressionlessly strolled across the stage scattered with accoutrements like metal bowls, deploying duct tape, sheet metal, and microphone dragged across the floor, while Nehil recorded, looped and otherwise electronically manipulated the resulting sounds, constructing a soundscape. Rauer’s movements onstage echoed some of the projected action, sundering the barrier between screen and stage, recorded and live action.

SNKR ingeniously amalgamated these seemingly prosaic elements into an absorbing, often delightful polyvalent entertainment. There was always something worth paying attention to, and I was always wondering what was going to happen next."

- Brett Campbell, Oregon Arts Watch, June 2016

Seth Nehil is a composer, video artist and performance-maker. His distinctive sound pieces feature manipulated acoustic recordings, voice and granular synthesis in unlikely combinations. He has created original scores and sound designs for dance and theater productions, has directed large-scale performance pieces and has released over 15 albums of experimental music on international labels. Seth currently teaches sound and video at the Pacific NW College of Art, among other schools.